What’s The Value Of Your Intern Work?

One of the most difficult things about internships is understanding value as it relates to the time that you spend at the company. Let me give you a quick understanding – an intern is with a company for about 10 weeks on average, yet value may pay off long after the intern has left. We live in a day and age where we would like the provide internship work value overnight, but this is hardly realistic for any business.

For example, internship work value can include interns that are working on SEO for your website. If they are optimizing the website, their internship work value may not be seen for 3 months. This is tough to swallow for an intern that wants to produce immediate results. In the day an age of twitter and other tools, interns want to see these happen at the speed of light. Yet, great things are built over time and take careful management and upkeep wot cultivate.

Internship work value needs to be measured over time and goals need to be set that are realistic and there also needs to be separate goals for immediate returns versus long term. Good luck with your internship.