There Is No Internship Resume Guide!

One of the biggest misconceptions about internship resumes is that they have to follow a strict internship resume guide. We get questions about how to standout on internship resumes all of the time. I’ll admit, you don’t have quite as much freedom as you do on your internship resume, but you have enough freedom to make people want to meet you. That’s right. Your internship resume can not only provide the basics about yourself, but it can also serve the same goal of your internship cover letter by making employers want to meet you.

Sure, you have to cover the basics in your internship resume. You have to list your education, GPA, work history, extracurricular activities, etc. But you don’t have to pack your descriptions full of action verbs and vague sentences about success. If you are typing a description of a past internship and have three bullet points for it, put a little humor in one of them (as long as it’s relevant). People like creative. People like funny. That’s how things spread. And I guarantee you no one else is doing this in their internship resume.

This reminds me of a story my finance professor told me about an internship resume he received when he was on the job. The internship resume was from a candidate that one of his office members knew. Everything on this guys resume seemed pretty standard. In fact, he had a 4.0 GPA, and my professor said he wasn’t going to hire them because he thinks there’s something off in people who maintain a 4.0 GPA.

But in the work history of the internship resume, the candidate said he worked as a bouncer in a bar during college. The guy in the office who knew him said he was about five feet eight inches tall and weighed about a hundred and fifty pounds. My professor said, “I have to meet this guy.”

During the interview, my professor said he found out that the candidate great. He found out that he was a black belt in jiu-jitsu. They hired the candidate.