Rosetta Stone Does College Recruiting Like Google

Case challenges are becoming more than an emerging trend.  In my opinion, they are the best university recruiting tool.  Just ask Google. Google holds 10, yes 10, ongoing case competitions to engage student talent and use those engagements to evaluate entry level hires.  We wrote about how Raytheon joined in as well.  It’s brilliant, inherently interesting, cost effective, and the right students love it.

Well, more companies with amazing HR teams are doing the same.

Rosetta Stone learned a key insight from Google: what do the best developers love to do? Develop real stuff!

The best student developers might not often interview well or have the prettiest resumes, but they love competition and building real stuff.

From “We’re looking for people who like to code, compete and most importantly, win. So bring your game face and gaming ability to the place where Rosetta Stone® was born to prove you’ve got skills. Fly solo or work with some pals to build and create something that will inspire us, motivate us, utterly floor us, in 48 hours or less. Come see if your big ideas can help you win big.”

Get creative and think about following Google and Rosetta Stone. It’s worth it and students will love you for caring enough to get them involved in real activities.

Has your company utilized case challenges as a recruiting tool?