Internship Work

Is your internship work worthwhile? Are you benefiting the company? Is your internship work experience benefiting you?

I heard a story about an Apple employee, not sure if it’s true or not. Apparently, this person ran into Steve Jobs in an elevator. You’d think this would be a great experience. Jobs asks, “What exactly do you do here.” Nervous, the employee gives a vague, unsure answer. Jobs had the employee fired the next day.

While this is pretty harsh, it has some truth. Think about this yourself. You should be excited and energetic enough about your internship to be able to answer confidently if your CEO asks you what you do for the company. If I were the CEO of your company, and I asked you what you do in your internship work, could you answer me? Would your internship work sound worthwhile?

Make sure you know what you’re doing in your internship work and you know why you’re at your internship. If you think about the goal of your internship work and how you’d explain it to your CEO, then your internship work will definitely be worthwhile.

You should go into your internship with the goal of working hard, benefiting the company, and doing worthwhile internship work. If you don’t feel like you’re doing this, talk to your boss about what you can do to make your internship work more worthwhile. If you are interning at a good company, your boss will admire your honesty and determination to help the company. Any reasonable boss will get you on the right track to do some great internship work. So get out there and make your internship work worthy of presenting to the company CEO!