Internship Work Experience

Almost every college student wants an internship. But very few know what internship work actually entails. Some think that internships work consists of making copies and running errands. Other people think that internship work means high level whiteboard strategy. The reality is that your internship work experience will be somewhere in the middle, and you can get the most out of it whether it’s closer to the former or the latter.

You’ve got your internship, and you want to be an asset to your company while learning a lot yourself. So what if you’re internship work at the beginning is mainly doing menial labor? It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out with the CEO or sending faxes. Get your internship work done without complaining, and have a good attitude. At the beginning of your internship, you need to focus on being a good co-worker. Make sure that you do your internship work responsibilities, but it’s important to make friends around the office. Carry yourself with confidence. Smile a lot (but not too much) and have open body language.

If you have a great mindset going into your internship work duties, you’ll perform them well and make a positive impression on everyone you meet. That’s just as important as the internship work itself. You want the people around the office to be able to say good things about you. It’s beneficial to both of you to make connections and be a team player.

Focus on your internship work, but realize that you are a person and you’re working with people. Going out of your way to meet a few new office members can go a long way. Make a positive impression at your company, and make the people you work with eager to see you every day. This is how you’ll get the most out of your internship work experience.