Internship Information

We recently surveyed a group of about 100 students and asked them many questions about their internship search. One of the questions we asked students was “What frustrates you the most about your internship search?”

We believed that the number one frustration was going to be the fact that students could only submit an internship resume – they have no opportunity to prove themselves through challenges, etc. But, we were dead wrong.

By far, the most frustrating thing for students during their internship search is – lack of information. Information about openings. Information about selection. Information about timing. Information about opportunities and actual work responsibilities.

I looked into this. And wow, I now know exactly what these students mean.This insight helped us craft InternshipKing.

Specifically, we’ve built out the very best internship information profiles. We’ve also surrounded this information with internship reviews, cases, awards, and postings. Our goal is to create the best source of internship information. We’re not there yet, but we are working towards it.